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const info = {
    name: 'Josef Jadrny',
    age: 33,
    location: 'Prague, Czechia',
    motto: 'I ❤ simple code',
        'Clean Code',
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The companies I've worked at.
Full-stack Software Developer
May 2021 - Present

Pipedrive is one of the best user-rated CRM tool with focus on small and mid-size companies. As they are using the tribes & missions framework, I joined Prague's tribe (instead of a team).

As the full-stack JavaScript software developer, I am working with NodeJS & Typescript on the backend and with React on the Frontend. I am also part of the on-call team with is taking care of microservices running in production.

Other technologies I would like to mention here related with my job in Pipedrive are GraphQL, Kubernetes, Docker and Micro-frontends.

GraphQL Software Developer
Feb 2020 - May 2021

Nangu.tv's IPTV/OTT solution has more than 1 million users in Central Europe - it is used by major operators like O2 and Orange.

As a part of the GraphQL team, I worked with Node.js and Apollo and I had a responsibility to develop and maintain unified JavaScript SDK written in React/React Native for our client's frontends.

Head of development
Software Developer Lead
Oct 2015 - Feb 2020

My first job in Prague started at Economia, one of the biggest Czech media house with brands like aktualne.cz, DVTV, hospodarske noviny, RESPEKT...

We decided to replace PHP with Node.js & React and move from on-premise to Cloud (AWS) and start with DevOps. As a team leader I was pushing those changes, coding and mentoring others. It took almost one year to accomplish with centrum.cz, and I had a speech about it on ReactiveConf 2019.

Finally, after a few years, I moved to Head of Development role to help implement those changes company-wide.

Software Developer
Mar 2015 - Sep 2015

AtNat was an ambitious startup. Back then, it was challenging to create an isomorphic JavaScript web application. It was my first met with NodeJS and Angular.

I quit after several months because I realized that a start-up culture does not suit me.

Digital Solutions
Software Developer
Apr 2013 - Mar 2015

Digital solutions is a smaller IT company specialized on information systems (B2C) with clients like MMReality (the biggest real estate agency in the Czech Republic).

I worked most of the time on the MMReality's internal system written in PHP and JavaScript, where was a focus on code quality. It was my first real experience with advanced programming techniques like OOP, Clean Code, Agile etc. and document-based databases.

Software Developer Junior
Jul 2012 - Mar 2013

My very first professional experience began at eBrana immediately after graduation at University of Pardubice.

I started with PHP and Vanilla JavaScript, creating or updating features on client's e-shops to fit their needs.

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